Robert M. Black

RP, Jungian Analyst

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"It is now up to the younger generation to open a few locked doors, perhaps with the help of the keys I have wrought."

C. G. Jung, Letters, volume 2, 11 Nov 1954


I have taught and given workshops at the C. G. Jung Foundation of Ontario, the Analyst Training Programme of the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, various C. G. Jung Societies (e.g., of Montreal, of the University of Toronto) and professional chaplains’ associations (e.g., St. Michael’s Hospital, Canadian Association for Pastoral Education), and community groups (Wellness Centre).

Psychology and Ancestry (myth, therapy, application, potential)

Anima / Animus (the opposite within: enemy or complementarity?)

Celtic Knotwork (symbolism and psychological/spiritual practice; workshop)

Colour Symbolism

Dreams Make Sense (theory, structure, examples)

Fairy Tale Interpretation (a spontaneous language of the psyche; workshop)

History of Psychotherapy (C. G. Jung in context and today)

Homeric Hymns (mythic bedrock of the European psyche)

Jung and Christianity (Jungian perspectives on Incarnation, Trinity; soul/spirit, prayer, redemption, divinization)

Jung and the East (early development of his ideas vs. later limitation of his interests)

Mandala (the symbolism and invocation of the Self; workshop)

Myth (archetype, archetypal image, archetypal relationships and patterns)

Psychology of Ritual (religion and depth psychology)

Structure of the Psyche (the “big picture” of and from Jung’s model)

The Symbol (nature and function of the symbol in depth psychology)

The Temenos (containment in structure, exploration of the depths)

Tissue Collage (hands-on art workshop, followed by structured exploration of results)

Typology (introvert/extravert, how we perceive, how we judge, flow of energy, inferior function)

Working without dreams (tips for Jungian analysts in training)


I also taught the history of Christianity at the Toronto School of Theology (mostly based at the Faculty of Divinity Trinity College in the University of Toronto), 1984-2012, employing Jungian insights as appropriate. My particular interest, as I read and received training in the Jungian approach, has been the early origins and development of Christianity, with emphasis on dreams in the Early Church. Latterly, I have been pursuing my interests in depth psychology and genetics.