Robert M. Black

RP, Jungian Analyst

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Jungian Analysis with Robert Black:


General Terms and Conditions

Our first goal is to establish your session as a safe, protected “container” for you and your material. You are therefore strongly encouraged not to discuss the contents of the hour – dreams, conversation, analysis, et cetera – with anyone outside this “container,” at least, until enough time has passed for you to have absorbed the meaning and felt the value of your unconscious contents.

You're encouraged to have a complete physical check-up towards the beginning of your analysis, and (as may be appropriate) regularly thereafter. This hopefully will allow you to track, and deal with, physiological issues that might have psychological side-effects, such as reaction to seasonal changes, menopause/andropause, blood disorders, etc.


Consulting Fee

The work is demanding of the analyst. The fee represents the kind of exchange where the analyst's energy output is equalized by the client's energy input in the form of payment. In this way, energic balance and analytical detachment can be maintained and loss avoided.

My consulting fee was established 01 01 2009, and is set at $90.00 per session. I have also to charge you HST of $11.70 (from 01 01 2011). The inclusion (addition) of the HST is an unfortunate fact that we both have to work with.

Payment is by cash or cheque at the session, or by electronic transfer. The analysand would pay for bank charges caused by NSF cheques, or for some other reason. There is normally no billing with later third party payments, but a third party may pre-pay for a period agreed upon, e.g. a month at a time.

Receipts for your fees are available, usually annually at income tax time. Since the establishment of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, I understand that the Canada Revenue Agency is accepting these receipts as a health expense. To date, I understand that none of my analysands' declaration of such expenses have been turned down.


Confidentiality and Its Limits

Your material is held in strict confidence, limited only by the law of the land. In Ontario, for example, Jungian analysis is classified as psychotherapy – a “controlled act” – and the analyst is required to act to prevent the client from self-harm or harming others; and must respond to court orders.

If any of your unconscious materials are used in my presentations or publications, identifying details will be altered to protect you. You are invited to sign a form that allows this. If you withhold this permission, your material is not used.


Frequency of Sessions

Analysis works best when a regular rhythm of dialogue with the Unconscious is established. Weekly sessions work best for most people, although greater frequency is possible. Less frequent meetings are generally unhelpful. Analysis takes time, but you should (hopefully sooner than later) feel that a connection is being established with your material.

An analytical session is one full hour, with the possibility of a few minutes' extension at the analyst's discretion and with the client's permission. It helps to make the best use of our time if you can bring a written/typed version of a dream, that I can make notes on and keep in your file. However, it's not necessary to bring dreams in order to undertake analysis.

Analysis works best with the session taking place face-to-face in the analyst's workspace. When there is a sufficient cause, by mutual agreement and after we have already met in person, electronic sessions might be possible. In that case, you should be in a quiet space conducive to introspection, where you will not be interrupted or overheard. You might, in this case, consider e-mailing beforehand the dream to be discussed.

When an appointment is established by mutual consent at a fixed day and time, that session-time thereafter belongs to you. There's a financial repercussion if you cancel without adequate notice, as follows.


Cancellation Policy

You need to give me at least 24-hour notice of cancellation; otherwise payment is due for the session. In extraordinary circumstances, you will not be charged for the missed hour if you re-schedule and keep an appointment within the same week.



I work under the Code of Ethics of the organizations which have granted me membership, listed on this letterhead. Complaints could be directed in the first instance to the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts and to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.


That Said

Once we have begun the process, and it is proving helpful to you, any diminution or interruption of your ability to pay will not automatically result in the end of the analysis. Many factors would feed into a renegotiation of these terms, but the “bottom line” is our sense of how energy is flowing and what might be possible to ensure that it continues to do so to your advantage!